Alberta Rural Law Opportunities

Why Go Rural

There are many reasons to step out of the urban comfort zone and head to a rural community. Alberta is a large and diverse province, with hundreds of small rural communities. Some are remote and far from the beaten track, while others are popular tourist destinations or close to large cities. Either way, rural living may come as a shock at first but there are a lot of reasons to ‘go rural’.


  • More exposure to trials, chambers, and clients early in your career
  • Increased opportunity for advancement and earning potential after articles
  • Greater access to mentors and senior partners
  • Communities in need of professionals and people with education and specific skill sets


  • No rush hour on your way to or from work
  • Exposure to new environments — learn to appreciate diversity and life different that what you are used to
  • Friendly neighbours — your neighbours know you and always offer a friendly wave
  • Laid back, simple life
  • Freedom of wide open spaces
  • Strong sense of community

Activities & Facilities

  • Get involved in community organizations, clubs, or groups
  • Always outdoor activities and sports to participate in
  • Boutique shopping
  • Building relationships with your neighbours and meeting new people