Alberta Rural Law Opportunities


Alberta is a diverse and large province that boasts a wealth of different rural communities, each with its own unique character and distinct opportunities. Each and every one of Alberta’s rural communities is a different experience just waiting to happen.

Not only do students benefit from being placed in a rural community, but Alberta’s rural communities can find value as well. By welcoming these student placements, communities can expect to:

  • Have access to students whose skill and education brings value to the organization or the entire community
  • Students have a different perspective than those already living in the community and can therefore bring in new ideas, skills, and knowledge. Students challenge their host communities to think outside the rural box
  • Students bring youth, energy, and enthusiasm to communities
  • Students who are placed in a rural community may become immersed in the community and may decide to stay or come back after graduation
  • Coordinated placements could lead to a multi-disciplinary community project

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