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Population: 8,104
Median Age: 35.2
Jobs: 1 available

An agriculture town virtually bathed in sunlight (at least to the extent it’s possible to be “bathed in sunlight” in Alberta), Taber has a population of 8,104 current residents. A two-hour drive from Calgary, Taber is also, unusually, a sister town to Notagawa in Japan. So remember to bring your Hello Kitty slippers.

How to spend your time

Corn. For many in Alberta, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when Taber is mentioned. But there’s a lot more to Taber. Like Cornfest, the annual summer festival held every August, where you’ll find rides, tests of skills, performances and all the corn tasting and stuffing you can...shake...a...corn husk at.

Looking for a place to stay active? How about swimming at the Aquafun Centre or skating at the Taber Skatepark? Why not join the Taber Pistol and Revolver Club and get your shoot on, or join Merritt’s Ultimate Taekwon-Do and learn to defend yourself in the hopes that you need never use this incredible power?

You can find a full calendar of events here, and a list of clubs, organizations and associations here. 

Where to sleep...

You’re going to need a place to stay if you’re going to be in Taber. And sleeping in your car won’t cut it. You can find a list of hotels and motels here, and a list of rental opportunities here and here.

And a job to pay for it

Workopolis, Wow Jobs, Monster, Indeed, Simply Hired

Keeping you healthy, in body and mind

Should you run into any health trouble during your stay, the Taber Community Health Centre will have you covered. Chipped a tooth while gnawing all that corn? You can find plenty of dentists in Taber too.

And if you’re feeling a little (or a lot) down, Taber even has a Mental Health Clinic that will take care of your brain so you can think about other things.

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Some more stuff

The Taber Times, a weekly community newspaper, is published every Wednesday to feed your need for news.

And even if you’re not crazy about corn here in Taber, the Corn Capital of Canada, remember that corn is the core food ingredient in our food system. That burger you’re eating? That pop you’re drinking? All impossible without corn. You should appreciate Taber corn. We are in its debt.