Alberta Rural Law Opportunities

Rural Alberta is Overflowing with Opportunities...

Discover Them!

Whether you’re a first or second year law student, looking for articles, or an associate looking to get your legal career started in rural Alberta, the ARLO website can help you learn about our rural communities.

If you’re a law student or recent law graduate looking for a work opportunity in rural Alberta, or a rural law firm looking to hire a law student for the summer, an article, or a new lawyer, please reach out to Roch Labelle: 780-264-7626 /

Students can:

  • Find summer employment, articling opportunities and associate positions. 
  • Connect with the communities where placements are available; what’s there to do?
  • Share success stories and give advice on how to make a rural placement the experience of a lifetime and the foundation for a career.

Firms and Lawyers can:

  • Hire law students and recent graduates.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with students and communities.
  • Stay involved in their students’ experience.
  • Share information and connect with other lawyers.
  • Tap the resources that come from shared knowledge.
  • Bring together all the pieces that make rural placements a success.

Communities can:

  • Attract and retain young professionals to ensure the long term sustainability of their communities.
  • Promote themselves and local business.
  • Benefit by filling employment needs with students.
  • Offer services geared towards post-secondary students.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Alberta Rural Law Opportunities initiative, click here to learn more about us!