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10 careers that are even better in rural Canada

Posted By: Administrator on Apr 1, 2016

Article from Cottage Life Magazine that highlights 10 great careers that are plentiful in rural areas.

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From One Rural Student to Another

Posted By: Administrator on Aug 25, 2011

Over the summer of 2011, I worked for the Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) as Website and Communications Assistant. ARDN’s offices are located in Sherwood Park, a hamlet just outside of Edmonton. While I admit, my placement may not seem as rural as say... Wandering River – it technically is and since ARDN is an organization dedicated to rural development most of my summer was spent discussing and thinking about rural Alberta. And, for the record, I have experienced firsthand the shock of moving from the city to a small rural town when I spent one summer a few years back working in Hardisty, Alberta, a small town of less than 500 people.

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